Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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Comparing Actual Ping Times with Ideal Ones

I was curious how close ping times got to the physical ideal time.
Here's a simple plot showing ping time (one-way) vs distance between the locations along with the time it takes light to travel through a fiber-optic cable over that distance:

I think something is off with their 'La Ceiba' reading. It's the only one that's faster...I'm not sure if they used incorrect servers or what...

Here's the same thing but inverted and including an equation. This is primarily useful in that the slope of the equation is the effective speed in m/s (light is ~200,000,000 m/s ideally in a fiber optic cable):

This was much closer than I'd expected. I'd figured it would be like 10x the speed of light typically.

I took the data from this site.



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