Sunday, November 11, 2018

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Who Were The House Midterm Voters In Each Party?

I made a simple tool that converts CNN's exit poll numbers into voter demographics for each party.


I took the data from CNN. To convert this into the numbers you see in the tool, I did the following:

- multiply % democrat in each category by total # in each category
- democrat voter makeup for that category is number from above divided by that number for all categories
- repeat for republicans

As an example, 14% of the people were veterans and 86% were not. Of those 14%, 41% voted democrat. Thus, 14%*41%, or 5.74% of people who responded were veterans and voted for democrats. Similary, 86%*56%, or 48.2% were non-veterans and voted for democrats. Thus, 5.74% + 48.2%, or 53.9% voted democrat, and 5.74%/53.9%, or 10.6% of people who voted for democrats were veterans.

There is some very slight error in the numbers due to people that did not answer but it is tiny and can be ignored here...

Finally...four of the results (Climate Change, Immigration, Primary Issue, and Racial Advantage) were taken from another set of exit poll data.



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