Friday, July 10, 2020

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How to Turn off 1-Click Ordering on Amazon

I noticed recently that Amazon removed the ability to turn off 1-click purchasing of apps...

I googled how to turn it off, and all of the instructions showed a toggle that no longer exists. I contacted Amazon support, and got the following results:
  • first attempt they told me they'd turned it off for me (they didn't)
  • second attempt, they told me they'd turned it off for real this time (they didn't)
  • third attempt the guy admitted that Amazon removed the ability to turn it off
However, there was an easy way to do it. Simply remove all linked payment options from your account. To do this, do the following (as of July 2020):

Go to your account settings in the menu at the top-right of the screen:

Click on your payments (sort of center-left on the screen):

The current link is

After that, any purchases that were previously 1-click will prompt you to enter them and 1-click purchasing is effectively off. I don't know exactly why they removed it. My cynical opinion is that they want kids on kindle fires to buy apps without their parents knowing but there might be a technical reason.

Anyway...again...simply unlinking payment options from your account will turn it off.