ESPN Fantasy Football Season Stats

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  • wins- # of wins
  • wins gained from matchup luck - # of weeks with a bottom half performance and a win; positive means you got lucky
  • adjusted wins - wins minus wins gained from luck; average # of wins you'd have if you played each team each week and divided by # of games; # of weeks with above median finishes; these are all equivalent
  • standard score - # of wins
  • adjusted score - # of wins + # of weeks with above median finish; scoring system that is used to preserve the fun of weekly matchups while minimizing the luck factor; 2 pts for win and above median finish; 1 pt for loss and above median finish; 1 pt for win and below median finish; 0 pts for loss and below median finish
  • best in last 4 - rank of who's had the best past 4 games; lower # is better here
  • trend - last 4 game average score / first 4 game average score; indication of if you're trending up or down; higher # is better here


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