Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Austin, TX Growth Measured by Tall Building Construction

Austin has grown a lot lately...

There are cranes everywhere, and it feels like there are way more than in other mid-size cities. I thought a cool proxy for growth might be construction of those, so I put together a few quick visualizations. 'Tall building' here is >200 feet.

First, here's the number of 'tall buildings' in Austin vs time:

That by itself doesn't tell you much. Here's it compared with a sort of comparable city...Kansas City:

Austin's spike in the 2010's is really noticeable when plotted together. Just adding one more, here's the same with Birmingham, Alabama also included:

I wanted to include Shanghai to show a whole different scale of rapid growth, but I can't find any lists that have buildings under 500 feet tall for it.



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